Wood Privacy Fence Installation Company Gastonia NC

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Are you thinking about buying a wood fence Gastonia NC and need an experienced fence contractor in Gastonia NC? Depending on your home architecture, choosing the right Fence Contractor Gastonia NC for your wood fence, vinyl fence, composite fence, iron fence or chain link fence can make a huge difference.

Wood Privacy Fence Installation Company Gastonia South Carolina

Allow a licensed fence contractor like Affordable Fence Guys help you make the best fence building decision for your Gastonia NC home.

Wood Privacy Fence Contractor in Gastonia NC

We'll start the process by explaining it comes down to 2 considerations: Form and Function.

While there usually is a happy marriage between Form (style) and Function (practicality), sometimes it's not and we'll be the first to help you understand why.

For example, you might own a cottage-style home in Gastonia NC and believe it's only natural to have a 4 foot picket-style Pressure Treated Pine wood fence installed by your fence contractor. However, you have a privacy concern and need a 6 foot wood privacy fence installed instead. As you can see in this example, you might need to choose Function (security) over Form (aesthetics).

Benefits of owning a Wood Fencing in Gastonia NC

Wood Privacy Fence Installation Company Gastonia South Carolina

The median price of a single family Gastonia home is expensive. Many Gastonia homeowners choose to install a new privacy fence or garden fence to increase their property value. Certainly a house with a fence should be worth more than homes on your block that don't have a fence.

If you are planning on selling your property at any time in the near future you need to consider how it will appeal to potential buyers. A wood fence installation Gastonia NC is a great way to give your home an aura of stability and safety that will put a potential buyer's mind at ease. Whether you are in the market to have a fence installed because you want the functionality and visual beauty that it will add to your home, or because you want your home to look its best for potential buyers, a wood privacy fence will always be a worthwhile investment. Let us build the perfect fence to compliment your Gastonia NC home.

Consider other practical benefits of a Gastonia fence:

Installing a Wood Fencing Gastonia NC is a Green Option

Compared with vinyl or chain link fences, installing wood fencing is an environmental friendly choice. Down the road when your fence is beyond repair or needs replacement, your fence can be recycled again by using the wood reclaimed and turned into another project by cutting the bad parts of the wood off and sanding the remaining good wood rather than simply hauling it to the landfill. Generally, those options arent availiable with vinyl fences, which usually cannot be recycled at the end of their life cycle.

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